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Ages 3 and Up

Our Creative Ballet program gives children the opportunity to explore dance as a means to self-awareness, creative expression, imagination, teamwork. Students will learn the foundations of ballet as a starting point and will then explore other  styles of dance including modern, jazz, and folk dance as well as acrobatics to  give the students a wealth of skills to further their dance creativity, strength building, musicality, memorization, dance buliding and confidence. Our motto in class is never say “Can’t” say “I’m going to try!”


- All classes are non-gender specific.

- Parents are allowed to observe the last class of each session.

- Classes meet once a week and are 45 minutes.


 Creative Ballet

    level I : ages 3/4's

    level II: ages 5/6's



ages 4-6 years

Dina Gray created this fun and innovative dance class bringing some of her techniques directly from her experiences as the dance and movement specialist at  Avenues: The World School (read more about Ms. Dina)  in Manhattan.  Students will have an opportunity to  explore creative  dance concepts and how dance and movement can relate to art. Children will study works of art by Kandinsky, Matisse, Van Gogh and more and work together to create a dances and movement related to the subject.

Tap, Tumble & Twirl   

ages 3-5 years

This combo class offers children a chance to explore tap, tumbling and ballet in one class. Students will explore creative ballet though imagination dances, use props and different dance styles and begin to explore tap rhythms and basic tap technique in a fun upbeat style. This is a high energy class filled with eclectic music and imaginative choreography sure to keep even the most rambunctious child involved.

Broadway Dance

ages 6-9 years

Children will have fun dancing and singing to their favorite Broadway musical classics. Class will emphasize theatre dance and jazz styles in a fun, supportive, and encouraging environment. Perfect for boys and girls who love to dance and have flair for the dramatic! Class focuses on a different musical every week and covers technique, vocabulary, style, and performance.

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